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Facility Modernization & Maintenance

Facility Modernization Projects

January-March 2020: Envelope and Roof Replacements, Fire Alarm System Assessments, Door Replacements and Kitchen Renovations.

Building Envelope Status: Implementation 

This project continues to address envelope issues around the school including, tuck-pointing and caulking to stop water intrusion. 

  • Progress through Q3: The school was assessed for further water intrusion issues and the courtyard and stormwater piping conditions assessed to prepare a proposal. 
  • Anticipated progress through Q4: Initiate construction of drainage improvements to be completed over the summer. 

Roof Replacement Status: Planning/Design

This project consists of replacing 55,774 SF of roofing that is in the worst condition during Fiscal Year 2020.  The rest of the roof (52,000 SF)will be replaced during the Fiscal Year 2021. 

  • Progress through Q3: Design was completed; construction documents issued to create an invitation to bid proposal. 
  • Anticipated progress through Q4: Bid solicitation; awarding of a contract, followed by the commencement of construction activities.

Fire Alarm System Status: Initiation 

This project is part of an assessment for compliance of fire alarms and to upgrade systems across ACPS schools. Once the immediate needs of each school are delineated, project planning will follow. 

  • Progress through Q3: Consultant initiated overview for pricing proposal.
  • Anticipated progress through Q4: The consultant’s study will be implemented with site reconnaissance and assessment to address each individual school across the system. 

Doors/Hardware Replacement Status: Planning/Design 

Replace doors and hardware throughout the school. 

  • Progress through Q3: Coordinated remaining replacement needs with the Operations & Maintenance Department. 
  • Anticipated progress through Q4: Initiate replacement of doors and hardware through Job Order Contract (JOC) to be completed over the summer. 

Kitchen Renovation/Servery Upgrades Status: Implementation 

This project includes kitchen upgrades, as well as reconfiguration of the serving area. The upgraded design addresses the need for a defined serving area that facilitates faster and efficient queuing/purchasing of food. 

  • Progress through Q3: Bids closed and a General Contractor has been selected for the work. The permit has been issued. 
  • Anticipated progress through Q4: Commencement of construction activities.

Read the Quarter 3 report and anticipated work for Quarter 4 (PDF).

October-December 2019: Cafeteria Renovations

Progress was made on upgrades to the cafeteria services at John Adams Elementary School.

Construction and permitting documents were completed for the cafeteria upgrades. The work was also put out to bid for construction services and a the construction contract awarded. The permit for the construction was approved.

July-September 2019: Renovations and Sports

The designs for the kitchen and cafeteria renovations are in the implementation phase.

  • $25,000 was spent on painting.
  • $1,709,000 for retrofitting and renovations.
  • $4,000 on signage.

Total amount spent on modernization projects for John Adams Elementary School between July through September 2019: $1,738,016.

$31,500 in system wide funds were also spent at the school on:

  • Asbestos Remediation: $11,000
  • Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment: $14,000

Mini-pitch soccer systems were installed and the acrylic finish systems were overlaid on existing asphalt courts: $6,500.

Facility Condition Assessment

Facility Maintenance Updates